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Greyhound & Lurcher



Beautiful black greyhound Seth came into the rescue kennels in November 2017, more than 18 months ago, and is still there and waiting for a home after all this time.  He was born on 12 September 2013. Seth is a lovely, affectionate boy who will make a wonderful pet and companion for someone. He loves people and will be happiest in a home where he is the only dog. He can live with older children and can be left for up to 4 hours a day. Seth cannot live with cats. He is in the kennels in Devon. Photo at


Our website is dedicated to helping to find good homes for abandoned, abused or neglected greyhound and lurchers.

We have a list of rescues that help these loving, gentle dogs. If you are thinking of giving one of these dogs a second chance by adopting a greyhound or lurcher, please contact one of the rescues on the list.

We have a frequently asked questions page, but if you have a question about greyhounds and lurchers that is not on the page, please contact us.

Featured Dogs

Many more dogs who are looking for a home are on the Adopt a Dog page

Alfie and Beth who is a Lurcher

Alfie and Beth

Age: about 9 years | Dog | Lurcher

Rescue: Forever Hounds Trust

Audra who is a Greyhound


Age: 8 years | Bitch | Greyhound

Rescue: Greyhound Gap

Bandit who is a Lurcher


Age: 18 months | Dog | Lurcher

Rescue: Forever Hounds Trust

Beauty who is a Greyhound


Age: 11 years | Bitch | Greyhound

Rescue: Essex Greyhound Rescue

Bella and Pearl who is a Greyhound

Bella and Pearl

Age: 4 and 2 years | Bitch | Greyhound

Rescue: Kerry Greyhounds

Betsy who is a Greyhound


Age: 5 years | Bitch | Greyhound

Rescue: Kerry Greyhounds

Betty who is a Lurcher


Age: 4 years | Bitch | Lurcher

Rescue: Animal Rescue, Hertfordshire

Bolt who is a Lurcher


Age: 10 years | Dog | Lurcher

Rescue: Greyhound Gap

Buddy who is a Greyhound


Age: 4 years | Dog | Greyhound

Rescue: Essex Greyhound Rescue