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Appeal from Greyhound Gap

Greyhound Gap have many Greyhounds and Lurchers which need a forever home. If you can offer a new home to one or more of their dogs, please contact Greyhound Gap.

View all the dogs at Greyhound Gap who are looking for their forever home.

Telephone: 01256 771819 (9am - 9pm)


Below are photos of some of the dogs that have been rescued and re-homed in the UK by various Greyhound and Lurcher rescue organizations, if you would like to add your dog please contact us.

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Baby Paddy - chewing the shaving brush stolen from the bathroom!

This is Bambi

Beau Beau having a realxing day.

Ben on the garden

Blue and Merlin cuddle up together.

Milla and Ashby asleep on the chair

Beautiful Brea is a very happy girl.

Brian enjoys looking out of the window

Brian and Maze

Brian and his friend Mylo are both bedlington/whippets

Brin & Willow pose for the camera

Brodie is a greyhound/collie

Brogan is a beautiful deerhound

Bryn out for a walk

This is Cassie, a whippet/collie/saluki

Chester again, when he had just been rescued.

Chester, a lovely big greyhound, enjoying a relaxing moment

Beautiful Dash loves relaxing on the sofa.

Dash snuggled up in bed.

Dash is always alert for anything that moves.

Dash out with her owner around Abbotsbury.

This is Delilah,a cream coloured greyhound

Di is a greyhound/whippet

Ebony cuddled up with the cat

Ebony and Murphy

Eggi, pictured with two Cavalier Spaniels, he is a 6 year old ex racer who shares our home with 2 Shih Tzu bitches and 2 House rabbits

Beautiful Ella has a wonderful home with owners who love her to bits.

Elsa with her collie/whippet/saluki puppies

Fudge is a lovely saluki/greyhound/labrador

Hugo, a greyhoujd/saluki was found with the letters MUFC tattoed on his coat with bleach when he was rescued

This is beautiful Humphrey.

Humphrey relaxes on the sofa.

This is Jake, a wolfhound/greyhound

Beautiful saluki/greyhound Jay with her 1st prize rosette

Lovely Lily showing off her new coat,which also helps her from getting sun stroke

Lovely Lily relaxing in her new home, a year after she was found on Christmas Eve without food and water, abandoned in the back of a van

Lorien and Shoanne have a relaxing Christmas.

Beautiful Lorien with one of her favourite toys.

Sheer bliss!

Beautiful greyhound Lyndy all ready for a walk. Sadly, Lyndy died of kidney failure on 6 June 2013. She spent the last five months of her life in a wonderful home where she knew she was wanted and loved very much.

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