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MAGNUS -Magnus here!! I have had no interest, I’m starting to miss having a family ☹️  I’ll give you a bit more info about me, who knows I could be the dog you never knew you needed(everybody needs a Magnus though). So I’m Magnus, I’m nearly 2yrs old and I am a large deerhound cross. I am a bit of hyper boy, I love running around with my favourite teddy’s and chasing after my tennis balls. I’ve been told I’m a bit of handful, I have a lot of energy and I need my new owner to have just as much as I do.  I have had some issues on the lead, I get really over excited around other dogs and I just don’t know how to act so I now walk on a Kumfi Kalmer and I am also trained to walk on a muzzle. Apparently I would do really well in training classes.  I don’t want to share my home with any other pets or children, I want my new owner allllllll to myself please.

So what do you think, have you all fallen in love with me? If you think you’re up for a bit of a challenge please fill out the form below!

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Our website is dedicated to helping to find good homes for abandoned, abused or neglected greyhound and lurchers.

We have a list of rescues that help these loving, gentle dogs. If you are thinking of giving one of these dogs a second chance by adopting a greyhound or lurcher, please contact one of the rescues on the list.

We have a frequently asked questions page, but if you have a question about greyhounds and lurchers that is not on the page, please contact us.

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