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Greyhound & Lurcher


Leo is a 10 month approx small Podenco even smaller than a Whippet he weighs about 6.5 kilos - he is living with 3 other dogs and a cat. One of our lovely foster carers recently returned to Spain for a few months and had offered to foster this lovely boy as he was so nervous - she has spent so much time gaining his confidence and Leo has blossomed under her care - we even found him a forever home.

Unfortunately after having his routinue blood tests ready for travel it was found he was positive to Leishmania, it was a very low reading and border line but unfortunately his home has fallen through on advice from their vet. This means for Leo that the chances of him finding an adoption in UK are very low, we are sharing his story everywhere in Spain and with his foster carer coming back to UK soon its looking highly likely that this lovely dog may have to go back to kennels and stand very little chance now of ever finding a home. We really hope somebody somewhere will see his story understand about this disease and open their hearts and home to this lovely boy.

Please bear in mind the dog that won Scruffs at Crufts on Sunday was positive to this disease there are no guarantees but most dogs that are caught early and receive the correct medication have a normal life.

He has had a such a sad little life - found freezing in a water deposit, cold and terrified, I really hope someone is looking down him and sends an angel to us - below is what his foster mum said about him.

Leo is such a little sweetheart and deserves a loving home where he will have a long and happy life. He is currently in foster with 3 other dogs and a cat, he loves to go out for his runs/walks, he is still very nervous when approached by people he doesn't know but once he is used to you he will tentatively come for a love and fuss and if you stop he comes back in for more.

Leo would love a home with maybe one other dog that he can play with, a reasonably sized garden he can run around in and a nice country location so he can run in the fields.

He doesn't run off too far and always checks to make sure you are still following or he has not been left behind, comes when he is called. I can't say enough good things about this little chap, he sleeps all night without a peep, doesn't even want to go out at bedtime for a pee, just settles in a chair or the cat bed... he's not even an early riser, definitely a very easy boy to live with. At the moment he is on an injection a day for 30 days, half a tab daily at a cost of 2.50 a month.

Our website is dedicated to helping to find good homes for abandoned, abused or neglected greyhound and lurchers.

We have a list of rescues that help these loving, gentle dogs. If you are thinking of giving one of these dogs a second chance by adopting a greyhound or lurcher, please contact one of the rescues on the list.

We have a frequently asked questions page, but if you have a question about greyhounds and lurchers that is not on the page, please contact us.

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