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Beautiful Lacey needs a new home. This is what her owner, Rob, says about her: 

Super home wanted for a super dog, sadly due to health issues I am forced to rehome my beloved dog Lacy. Any potential homes would have to be vetted by Animal Rescue Cymru as she came from them as a rescue. 
Lacy who is a cross Saluki/Greyhound/Whippet is a genteel lady who is extremely well behaved and loves a cuddle. She is good with other dogs, children and adults. She has never mixed with cats so this area is a bit unknown, however when she first met horses she was very excited and wanted to run up to them. It took one managed meeting at a stable to get her over the excitement and she now ignores them. 
She is very sociable and used to play all the time with her step sister, mainly showing the world that she is the fastest dog ever. 
She is quite the comic and loves to play to her audience winning hearts and minds. Whenever visitors arrive she wins them over very quickly and before they realise anything she is cuddled into their side with her head against their arm and an adoring look on her face. She hasn t shown any interest in very young toddlers but is great with children who want to play or cuddle. 
When out and about she loves chasing after a ball and playing in shallow water but swimming is not for her. She is really sweet with meeting new people but takes a few minutes to decide if it s safe when she meets a new man. 
She is very obedient and eager to please with superb recall and after a walk jumps into the back of the car without hesitation. 
She will be 3 on May 12th is fully up to date on Worming, Vaccinations and Kennel Cough. 
If you would like to speak to Lacey's owner about her, please ring Rob on 07975 529156.

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Our website is dedicated to helping to find good homes for abandoned, abused or neglected greyhound and lurchers.

We have a list of rescues that help these loving, gentle dogs. If you are thinking of giving one of these dogs a second chance by adopting a greyhound or lurcher, please contact one of the rescues on the list.

We have a frequently asked questions page, but if you have a question about greyhounds and lurchers that is not on the page, please contact us.

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