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Can you give Barnaby a new home


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*Foster or permanent home*
Barnaby here is a lovely 1 year old male Lurcher that found himself in our care as an unclaimed stray. We have no idea of his past or how he wound up straying, but this gorgeous boy has a lot of love to give.

Due to his breeds this handsome fellow can be impulsive when trying to socialise with other dogs, which can make him selective of his play mates, the team have been working with him on this and are happy to show you how this boy learns. To help this goof ball burn off some excess energy, a family that are happy to hire a dog walking field on occasion would make him very happy, as he can zoom around and just be himself .

A home with no other pets would suit Barnaby best, this means the family can purely focus on him and give him all the love and time needed to help him grow in to the confident and happy dog we know he can be. We also feel that Barnaby would be happy to share a home with children from 12+ years but he would not suit a home with cats or small furries.
*Foster or permanent home*
You can find me in Dorset
Tel: 0330 400 6670 Email:

Want to Adopt Barnaby?

If you would like to give Barnaby a new home, please contact the rescue on 0330 400 6670 and ask for