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Can you give Barnaby a new home


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Barnaby here is a lovely 1 year old male Lurcher that found himself in our care as an unclaimed stray. We have no idea of his past or how he wound up straying, but this gorgeous boy has a lot of love to give.

Overly playful and lively this young fellow can often forget his doggy manners and become a little boisterous for his four-legged play mates. Since having the pleasure of working with Barnaby we have found he is a real people pleaser and we would love it if his new family would be as invested in his training/social skills and took him to some training classes, this would also help fuse that human/canine bond that everyone hopes for.

Due to his breeding, he also considers himself ‘THE FLASH’ and loves showing off his speed, so the ability to go off lead in private enclosed paddocks would also be a great advantage to him.

Although confident in some ways this gentle soul can be a bit precious when it comes to England’s wet and windy weather, so a nice warm coat will be a must in this pooch’s wardrobe, or a day of learning tricks or enrichment toys will be just as fun and DRY!

As our boy has some more learning to do we feel he would suit a home as an only pet or with a well-rounded female dog that can play with him but also show him how to settle and follow doggy etiquette in the family home. We also feel that Barnaby would be happy to share a home with children from 10+ years but he would not suit a home with cats or small furries.

You can find me in Dorset
Tel: 0330 400 6670 Email:

Want to Adopt Barnaby?

If you would like to give Barnaby a new home, please contact the rescue on 0330 400 6670 and ask for