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Jack and Jill
would like a new home

Can you give Jack and Jill a new home

Jack and Jill

Rescue Information

About Me

This beautiful pair are Jack and Jill.
They are litter brother & sister ( d.o.b 22/6/18 )
They are Irish greyhounds, that NGR homed just over 4 years ago.
Their owner is devastated at having to rehome them.
We will try to home them together, but if we can’t then we will reluctantly home them separately.
They are currently located near Attleborough.
Jack & Jill can be left.
Both have tails missing, so a matching pair on all fronts !!
They are not cat friendly.
Jack is the bigger of the two greyhounds. As you can see both are stunning ‘cow dogs’.
Their owner is not in a position to keep them, as he is having to move and full time work commitments mean that the dogs are being left for long periods. This has not been an easy decision for their dad.
Jill is good with other dogs, Jack can be a bit barky.
Jill is a bit more reserved than Jack.
They love humans.
Travel well.
They haven’t been around children much.
They are not cat friendly.
Jack is a big greyhound, but a lovely happy and affectionate boy.
( tts to be confirmed )
If you are interested in Jack and Jill as a pair, please let us know.
Or if you are interested in either one, again, do contact us on 07470 931 758

Want to Adopt Jack and Jill?

If you would like to give Jack and Jill a new home, please contact the rescue on 07470 931758 and ask for Richard or Hayley.