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Greyhounds & Lurchers
Looking for a new home


Appeal from the Stray Dogs Sanctuary

Stray Dogs Sanctuary in Dorset and Devon have a large number of Greyhounds and Lurchers in our rescue kennels which need a forever home. Some of the dogs have been in the kennels for a long time including Billy and Seth who have been with the rescue for over 12 months.

If you can offer a new home to one or more of their dogs, please contact Stray Dogs Sanctuary.

View all the dogs at Stray Dogs Sanctuary who are looking for their forever home.

Telephone: 01202 696685 (9am - 9pm)

Email: - Website:

Below is a list of dogs that currently need a home in the UK.

To view the full details for any dog, simply click on the photo to view the dogs full details and the contact information for the rescue where the dog is located.


Zara who is a Greyhound


Age: about 3 years | Bitch | Greyhound

Rescue: Lurcher SOS