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Hugo's story


I adopted Hugo (Blackstone Hugh) a couple of weeks before his 5th birthday. The first couple of days he was unsure of his new environment and couldn't understand the concept of going for a walk as an activity for pleasure. But he soon cottoned on and became excited to go for walkies and meeting all sorts of other dogs which he always greets with tail up and some squeaky noises to express his pleasure and saying hello.

Hugo loves the sea, in and out of the water playing with other dogs. He has been meeting all my friends and their dogs, likes going for lunch or pub meals in in dog friendly establishments and is a very good traveller in the car, making himself comfortable on a cosy bed in the back.

I let Hugo off the lead after a months whilst on a walk in the fields with my friend and her dogs. He is a pack animal, loves running with other dogs, and keeps looking out for where I am and comes back when he can't see me. We now have a number of walks which are safe away from roads and I can let him off the lead enjoying himself.

Hugo sleeps well through the night, but snores like an old man, feet in the air. House training was done and dusted within 48 hours and he is a quick learner in all aspects of life. Hugo is flexible with my lifestyle and not insisting on any routines. He is doing well with the stairs to our flat.

Hugo is an absolute pleasure to have around despite some cheeky habits, i.e. whenever I go to sit on the loo or having a bath, he will 'collect' pillows or shoes from the spare bedroom and deposits them in the middle of the living room whilst running around like mad with his tail up, knowing damn well that he is cheeky and I can't do anything about it.

Hugo is my third hound and I thought I knew it all, but he is teaching me new tricks too. He has been advocating for greyhound rescue by volunteering at two Forever Hound Trust events and is a great ambassador for greyhound rescue charming his way into people's hearts!!!