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Poem - Hell 2 Heaven


A poem about one of our rescued dogs.

I wake to yet another day
In this stinking and flea-ridden hole,
No walks or runs, never daylight
So desperate, lonely, sad and cold.
I long to stretch my aching legs
But there is no room in here for that.
What have I done to deserve this?
I ran so hard and tried my best.
I hear the cries of other dogs
Trapped in their prison just like me.
I long to sleep and not wake up,
This endless torment's all I see.
This is Hell.

Something is happening outside,
Strange voices, people I don't know.
Fear, excitement make me shake
As I am led into the light.

What is this thing I'm moving in?
Where am I going ? Tell me please.
What is this place, so big, so bright?
With fellow dogs, new friends for me.
Soft bed comforts my aches and pains,
New human friends who hold me close,
And give me love, cuddles, good food,
And fields to walk and run and play.
No prison cell and no dark days,
No concrete bed, no sore rough skin,
A distant nightmare over now
I love this new exciting world.
This is Heaven.