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Story - Grace


My son was driving my daughter and me to Stansted airport when he had to swerve for an animal which was standing in the middle of the A1. My daughter was in the front of the car and I was in the back and we thought the animal was a deer, but it turned out to be a whippet/lurcher (although at the time I didn't know what a lurcher was and even thought it was a greyhound).

We weren't able to stop directly but drove on down the road a little to a traffic island which had a service station. We asked for local police telephone numbers and then I walked back to see if I could the poor dog. We then all got back into the car and went back up the other side of the A1 with the intent of crossing over to see if we could find the dog again. We didn't need to, she came running over to our side and went into the hedge at the side of the road. We backed up and my daughter saw her and called to her. She came over to the car and promptly jumped in through the window and into the back seat where she sat on my knee, shivering and moaning. We drove her to the local police station where they, luckily, had a kennel and she didn't look back when she saw the bowl of food!

She was been taken to an animal shelter in Lincoln and we (my daughter & I) kept thinking about her and hoping she is o.k. and someone (a loving family) adopt her. I phoned a friend of mine in England who has a farm and we thought we had someone to take her but, since she is a lurcher and not a whippet, that fell through.

However my friend, and my son, both said that they should be notified before anything 'bad' should happen to her. My daughter named her 'Grace' and, I believe, the animal shelter has now called her that too.

By the way, we missed our flight and had to pay another 80 pounds to get on the next one, 13hrs later!! We live in Germany so it was not possible for us to take Grace, otherwise we would have (my daughter is still trying to think of ways that we could!).

Anne Campbell