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Greyhound Gap have many Greyhounds and Lurchers which need a forever home. If you can offer a new home to one or more of their dogs, please contact Greyhound Gap.

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Telephone: 01256 771819 (9am - 9pm)


Below are photos of some of the dogs that have been rescued and re-homed in the UK by various Greyhound and Lurcher rescue organizations, if you would like to add your dog please contact us.

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Marie is a deerhound/whippet/bedlington

Meg and Judy - Two Book-ends!

Merlin on the bed

Beautiful Merlin is now a very young looking 12 years years old.

Minty and Merlin are best friends and love to play together

Minty and Merlin are best friends and love to play together

Penny the poodle with her friend Mia, an Italian greyhound/terrier

Beautiful Mieve who lives with two cats.

Milla thinks this is "sheer bliss"

Millie with her 2nd place rosette that she won at the Galloway Game Fair

This is Monty

Mouse , a saluki/greyhound has very rare colouring

Odi with rosette was for winning Miss Lyme Regis prettiest bitch

Odi with toys in the garden

Odwin in watercolour

Odwin the Bold

As you can see, Oliver was in a dreadful state when he was rescued

As you can see, Oliver looks much healthier and happier in these two photos

Kissie and Oliver, both greyhounds

Beautiful Peggy was thrown out on a car onto a motorway

Poacher watches Me or the Dog on the TV

Poppet and Freckles are both saluki/greyhounds

Poppy was found in this awful state and we think she was abandoned because of her mis-shapen legs. She has now put on weight and is happy in a good home.

Here are some lovely little greyhound puppies

Ralph spent the first few years of his life living in a shed until he was rescued. He now has a home where he is loved very much and lives with his owner and two other dogs.

Rikki is a greyhound/collie

This is Rose, a saluki/greyhound

Sam is a saluki/whippet/collie

Handsome Shady in his new home.

Shady enjoys a walk on the beach.

Snuffy is a staffi/whippet

Star is an elegant collie/whippet/greyhound

This is lovely Suki in the park

This is Suki by the fire

Teddy loves the Christmas tree.

Here is Tess. She is a bedlington/whippet/collie

This is Theo soon after he was rescued. He is a saluki/greyhound

Till is a bedlington/collie/whippet

Tilly is a pedigree bedlington puppy. She is a very rare breed

Vicky, an 11 year old greyhound, was left on an allotment

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