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Dogs from Kent Greyhound Rescue


Covers: Kent

Kent Greyhound Rescue is a registered charity based near Hythe in South East Kent. We find new homes for around 150 abandoned and unwanted greyhounds, lurchers and other sighthounds each year. We rehome throughout Kent and also in other counties (strict checks are carried out before any dog is rehomed, regardless of the location).We receive no help or funding from the racing industry and our volunteers have to fundraise every penny needed, to ensure the charity can meet its financial obligations. Most of our dogs arrive needing to be neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and most also require a dental and/or other medical treatment, as well as the usual worm and flea treatments.

We do not operate a rescue centre which is open to the public; our dogs wait for their new homes at either private boarding kennels near Ashford or in foster homes throughout Kent. All our staff are volunteers - they do not get paid by KGR and they give their time and efforts because they love the dogs, are passionate about animal welfare and want to find the KGR dogs new homes. The majority work full time and manage the charity and fundraising in their free time. We are incredibly grateful to our volunteers, fosterers and financial supporters, because
without them our charity would not exist. For all the dogs waiting for forever homes, please click....

Contact Name: Julie

Telephone: 01303 271131 or 07542 795786



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Boyce who is a Lurcher


Age: about 2 years | Dog | Lurcher

Rescue: Kent Greyhound Rescue

Duke who is a Greyhound


Age: about 9 months | Dog | Greyhound

Rescue: Kent Greyhound Rescue

Ginn who is a Lurcher


Age: about 3 years | Dog | Lurcher

Rescue: Kent Greyhound Rescue

Heather who is a Lurcher


Age: 3 years | Bitch | Lurcher

Rescue: Kent Greyhound Rescue

Jessie and Daisy who is a Lurcher

Jessie and Daisy

Age: about 2 years | Bitch | Lurcher

Rescue: Kent Greyhound Rescue

Lucky who is a Lurcher


Age: 12 months | Dog | Lurcher

Rescue: Kent Greyhound Rescue

Stella who is a Lurcher


Age: 1 year | Bitch | Lurcher

Rescue: Kent Greyhound Rescue