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Covers: England and Wales

JUNE 2020.Temporary change to applications to home a dog

Of all the potential side effects of the Covid crisis, one we were not expecting was such an unprecedented increase in the amount of people looking to invite a rescued dog into their lives. It’s been wonderful to see so many of you choosing to adopt rather than shop, and so it is especially unfair that, right now, we simply cannot keep up with the demand. Our current home offers far outnumber the uncomplicated dogs we have available, that are physically and emotionally ready for their forever homes.

We understand your frustration, and we are equally frustrated to not be able to place a dog into all the loving homes we are being offered.

Of course we do have dogs still, and we are very busy caring for them, but unfortunately as a sighthound specialist charity many of the dogs come to us needing specialist care or emotional and physical rehabilitation. Dogs rarely come to Forever Hounds Trust ‘home ready’. They are rescued for a reason and many have seen the darker side of life and need space to grow and recover so that they can put their trust in humans again. That is what Forever Hounds Trust is here for, and we have been helping dogs in this way for almost 25 years.

So, in order that we can work through the many home offers we already have, and be sure to match the dogs that we have to the right type of home for them, we are temporarily restricting applications to only those who we realistically have a dog for at the moment.

Therefore, at the current time, please only fill in our online application form if you fit the criteria below. Unfortunately, at the moment, we will not be able to respond to any other home offers.

Experienced sighthound home or willing to follow a strict training plan
No cats or other small animals in the home (*during this time we are unable to meaningfully assess for cat tolerance*)
No children under 10 in the home (*as above, this is due to the lack of ability to follow our usual stringent assessments*)
Live within England and Wales and willing to travel to our kennels in Somerset, Gloucestershire and Buckinghamshire.

We understand that this will be disappointing news for others wishing to adopt one of our rescued greyhounds or lurchers. Please be patient. Never before have we had to restrict those who we accept home offers from and this is a phenomenon that seems to be across the country and beyond and is not restricted to us. We hope to be able to widen our homing criteria as soon as we are able.

As always, many thanks for all your support.

Contact Name:

Telephone: 03000 125 125 Monday to Friday, between 9am and 4pm



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