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Dogs from Block Fen Rspca Rehoming Centre


Covers: Cambridgeshire

Here at Block Fen most of the animals have been rescued from neglect and bad treatment by their previous owners. When they come to us they are often nervous of strangers. We spend weeks, sometimes months, looking after them and preparing them for a new life and a second chance.

We look after cats, dogs, rabbits and other domestic animals - at any one time we are caring for over 150 animals.

RSPCA Block Fen Animal Centre was built in 2003 on approximately 70 acres near the village of Wimblington in Cambridgeshire. We are able to accommodate 63 dogs, 72 cats, 32 rabbits and various other small animals, poultry and farm animals.

We are in a rural location and Sat Nav isn't always reliable using our postcode. We suggest you use PE15 0PL. This will take you to the bottom of our lane. Keep coming up the lane for roughly 1.5 miles, the centre is on the right hand side just after the entrance to North London Parachute Centre.

Contact Name:

Telephone: 0300 123 0726


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