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Dogs from Arundawn Dog Rescue


Covers: UK

Arundawn Dog Rescue is based near Horsham, West Sussex. We mainly focus on providing rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming for council pound strays who have served their obligatory 7 days and are facing euthanasia, through no fault of their own. We work with dog wardens, the police and other rescues to assess dogs in need and ensure that they find the right home for their temperament, energy levels and breed. We have built up a good reputation over many years now as a reliable and professional dog rehoming facility, with families adopting more than one Arundawn dog over time and many homed through recommendation. Arundawn was founded many years ago by Elaine Barter, the daughter of a veterinary surgeon and a bacteriologist. With this background and her exposure to animals needing help, Elaine began taking in stray and abandoned dogs when she was 19 years old. Some have been severely abused. Some are looking for new homes due to changes in their owners circumstances, and some through total ignorance and neglect.

Arundawn rescues dogs from council facilities across the country - in some cases working with kennels who will euthanize as a matter of course normally after 7 days served. Arundawn also works with many families locally who have faced changes to personal circumstances - ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the dog both immediately and in the future. In other cases we have succeeded in providing valuable assistance and guidance for the animal to remain in their home where possible.


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Telephone: 07736049390 or 01403 891687 Monday to Saturday: 11 am - 6 pm


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Felix who is a Lurcher


Age: 18 months | Dog | Lurcher

Rescue: Arundawn Dog Rescue