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Dogs from Animal Concern Cumbria


Covers: Cumbria

Animal Concern Cumbria is based on a rural site outside Egremont, Cumbria. Founded in 1971 it has grown into an established Charity dedicated to supporting and caring for animals in need. We offer a secure and caring environment for animals whose owners, for whatever reason, are unable to care for them any longer and help them find permanent, loving homes along with providing support and guidance for owners who wish to keep their animals.

Some residents may need medical treatment, rehabilitation or a bit of extra care before being adopted into their furever home. Our animal care team support and work with the animals daily ensuring their needs are met by providing individual care plans to suit each animal.

The staff and volunteers:

offer enrichment and learning to help the animals adapt to different situations and environments
raise awareness and promote animal welfare and responsible pet ownership
provide support for owners and pets
educate and work within the community to support and teach animal welfare
advocate and encourage positive reinforcement training, let them sniff and smiling leads

We also run our Peppa's Pot Campaign, working with Vets helping animals in our community who need assistance towards medical attention and treatments. See Peppa’s page for more about her fund and how you can donate.

Contact Name:

Telephone: 07712 330 829 (Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm)



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Floyd who is a Lurcher


Age: 8 months | Dog | Lurcher

Rescue: Animal Concern Cumbria