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Dogs from Carla Lane Animals In Need


Covers: Liverpool and surrounding areas

We are Carla Lane Animals in Need Liverpool a rescue of over 40 years, We Rescue Rehabilitate and Rehome dogs, cats and other animals.

We promote responsible pet ownership vaccinating, microchipping and neutering all of our animals. We have a no destruction policy. We take animals from homes that are needing to be re-homed but the majority of our dogs are from stray dog pounds where they have served there 7 days as an unclaimed stray, and are now due to be destroyed.

We believe that all animals are equal and no animal or breed is discriminated against. We LOVE bull breeds and encourage dog lovers to give a rescue bull breed a chance, there is a perfect rescue dog out there for everyone. Each one comes with there own love, personality and wiseness, not to be matched.


The majority of our dogs coming from stray dog pounds they are unable to be re-homed with children under 10 as we have no history on them. Our insurance policy does not allow us to re-home any dog with children under 5.

We also assess each of our dogs and give them a colour code based upon the results of the assessment. Our colour codes are Green, Amber and Red. Green dogs have shown no abnormalities. Amber dogs have slight abnormalities and Red dogs have severe abnormalities and are not currently up for re-homing, they will have intense training and socialization plans until they can be reassessed and downgraded.

Each dog that leaves the sanctuary has individual recommendations based upon the assessment and based upon the new owners family unit and circumstances.

If you would like to give a home to one of our dogs, please contact us at

Contact Name:

Telephone: 0151 549 0959


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Magnus who is a Lurcher


Age: almost 2 years | Dog | Lurcher

Rescue: Carla Lane Animals In Need