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Dogs from Bruno's Animal Haven


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Welcome to Bruno's Animal Haven - we are a small but dedicated rescue passionate about helping animals in need. All of our staff are volunteers and no one takes a salary. We all work for the passion of saving dogs and cats who have been let down and abandoned for whatever reason by humans.

We take mainly dogs from council pounds that otherwise might be put to sleep due to lack of space they spend 7 days waiting for their owners to come and get them if they do not, then the pounds can and often do put to sleep many dogs. We take on these dogs and others who are often overlooked by others including rescues. We have a no kill policy and believe every dog or cat deserves that special loving forever home and until they find that we give them the very best care we can either in a foster home or in one of our very special kennels.

Each year approx 10,000 dogs are killed due to being handed in or dumped and picked up as strays and never claimed. If it wasn't for rescues like us taking in pound dogs in there would be many many more killed each year due to lack of space.

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Sidney who is a Greyhound


Age: 5 years | Dog | Greyhound

Rescue: Bruno's Animal Haven