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Dogs from Kerry Greyhounds


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We are dedicated to finding the very best forever homes for unwanted racing greyhounds. We provide ongoing support and encouragement to all of our placement families and hounds.

'Kerry Greyhound Connection' was set up by Amanda Saunders Perkins in 2002 after realising the sad fate awaiting most of these dogs when they failed to win prize money in racing. This included destruction, abandonment or being shipped to Spain where they were kept in atrocious conditions and some raced with terrible injuries. Many were inhumanely killed, often by being hung from trees, or abandoned to die of starvation. Recently the IGB have started to explore the opportunity of exporting greyhounds to China and India in an attempt to bolster their failing industry.
In 2011, the UK rehoming branch of KGC became Kerry Greyhounds UK, an independent rehoming charity based in Norfolk, England.
We take in, rehabilitate and find homes for unwanted racing greyhounds. We also work to educate the public that greyhounds make great pets.
We aim to encourage governments to end Greyhound Track racing and stop the export of these dogs to Spain and other proposed exports.
We look after approximately 35 greyhounds at any one time. They are kept in private boarding kennels where we rent spaces, until we can find volunteer foster homes to prepare them for adoption. We neuter, vaccinate and microchip each dog and give them a veterinary check before they are re-homed.
We rely on public donations to enable us to carry out our work and refuse, on principle, any financial assistance from the Greyhound racing industry.

Contact Name: Bronwen

Telephone: 075 000 626 48



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