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would like a new home

Can you give Stella a new home


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No more applications please.

This little cutie pie is a bundle of joy & energy!!

The vet thinks she’s about 1 year old (no more than 18 months). Probably a whippet/border collie cross, maybe with some Saluki. She weighed approx.14kg when she came out of kennels.

She is very playful and loves a squeaky toy, ball, or frozen Kong. The collie in her loves mental stimulation, so puzzles and toys that make her think are a must!

She is highly motivated by food, so is responding to training very well.

Stella is good with other dogs out and about on walks. She is great walking past runners, bicycles and traffic, and wants to say hello to everyone.

In the home, she is full of beans, so she would be great for another equally energetic dog or on her own and a human that is willing to give her lots of attention, exercise and training. However, she does balance her zoomies with a nice cuddly nap on the sofa, so her mad moments don't last too long!

With regards to house training, she has been totally clean in her foster home so far. She is taken outside regularly to encourage this to continue, which would be best continued in her forever home.

Stella is currently in foster in Hertfordshire.

Want to Adopt Stella?

If you would like to give Stella a new home, please contact the rescue on and ask for Laurie.