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would like a new home

Can you give Cassie a new home


Rescue Information

About Me

Meet the sweet and wonderful Cassie!

Cassie came to us from a Greyhound rescue as an ex Racer. She is calm and friendly around other dogs and particularly enjoys the company of other greyhounds, and would absolutely love some sighthound walking buddies to socialise with once rehomed.

Cassie hasn't shown any chase behaviours towards wildlife or smaller dogs but, due to her breed and racing background, we recommend that she be kept onlead and muzzled when on walks.

Cassie loves her tennis balls and uses her racing legs to run after and play with them! Cassie would love a private garden to be able to zoom about in and as she can be a little worried of noisier areas it would be ideal for her to have some quieter walking routes to begin with, expanding her world at her own pace.

As an ex-racer, Cassie may not be familiar with a lovely home environment so will need new owners around for most of the time while she settles into domestic life.

Cassie would make a wonderful companion as a single dog, but would absolutely love to find a home that she could share with her new best friend Arnie ( Since meeting at Battersea they have really helped build each other's confidence, and they share a kennel and resources wonderfully.

If you are interested in rehoming sweet Cassie, or would consider rehoming her as a pair with Arnie, then please contact the rehoming team at

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Want to Adopt Cassie?

If you would like to give Cassie a new home, please contact the rescue on 020 7622 3626 - London, 01784 432929 - Old Windsor, 01474 874994 - Brands Hatch and ask for .