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would like a new home

Can you give Napoli a new home


Rescue Information

About Me

This gorgeous boy was rescued a while back as a pup by Galgos en Familia - he had to have an urgent operation due to a diaphragmatic hernia but recovered well.

He was adopted as a pup here in the UK but his mum has tragically suffered a stroke and deteriorated to the point where she needs to find Napoli a new home. It is an incredibly upsetting situation.

"He's such a lovely soul ...kind and loving, needs snuggles at bedtime, very chatty and goofy. He just needs so much more than I am able to give him now... He loves adventures and treats every walk as one. He's good in the car, too. He's OK with Martha, but she's a very savvy old cat, won't stand for any nonsense off the boys, not sure how he would react to a nervous cat.
I am ashamed to say he's a bit chunky at the moment. Lack of exercise and great appetite are not a winning combination. He still counter surfs and loves the recycling bin, wearing the lid around his neck, as his victory wreath. Hates the rain and fireworks. He asks to go to bed about 9.30/10 and yodels about 6 to get up...spends ages getting his bed and blanket ready for bed. He will hide behind the others when he first meets someone new, and will only greet them when he's comfortable. He has finally grown into his tail, and has many more naughty spots."

Napoli will find rehoming very unsettling and needs a family totally committed to helping ease his worry. He needs another dog or two, who will play with him and enjoy some snuggles perhaps. He can live with a dog savvy, confident cat.

Want to Adopt Napoli?

If you would like to give Napoli a new home, please contact the rescue on and ask for