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would like a new home

Can you give Rosco a new home


Rescue Information

About Me

Rosco comes from Granada where he was handed over by his previous owner to Galgos en Familia.

He had been bought as a pup and had a miserable life with his Galguero for several years.

Date of Birth 10/05/2019

Rosco has been waiting so long now for a family to adopt him yet all who have met him in Spain are so in love with him. We really want to find him a family here in the UK.

"Rosco is a beautiful galgo who came to us with a lot of fear, his past life has not been easy. He has improved a lot but still has some way to go, it is just a matter of time and a loving home. Despite his fearfulness, he is a calm, sweet and affectionate dog and loves the sofa, where he lets people pet him and enjoys it. He trusts humans more and more every day. Rosco will need a home where he will find the patience and love, which will be the key for him to show how good he could be.

Rosco likes spending time with his furry companions, so he will love it if in his future home he has a brother or sister to share his playtime with."

He has not had an easy time of it health wise. He developed Pyothorax and was very poorly, requiring urgent hospitalisation where they drained at least 12 litres of fluid from his chest cavity. It was a very worrying time. They kept the drain in to prevent the fluids building up again which would stop him breathing. Thankfully after some time, he produced less and less and the culture results came back clear meaning there was no longer any infection or bacteria! Rosco was finally able to return to his foster mum in Spain and is now back to full health.

Unfortunately he tested positive for Leishmaniasis when he arrived at the sanctuary but received the appropriate treatment and on his most recent PCR test, is negative! As with any dog who has a positive result at any point, he requires ongoing monitoring and management.

Want to Adopt Rosco?

If you would like to give Rosco a new home, please contact the rescue on and ask for