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would like a new home

Can you give Sarah a new home


Rescue Information

About Me

Meet our beautiful Sarah! She came into the centre due to being part of a big welfare case. She has been with us since March 2021! and we would love to find her the perfect family to love her as much as we do!

Sarah is a sweet natured, cheeky girl, with so much personality! She initially comes across as being shy but once she is bonded with you she is very loving and cheeky. She loves nothing more than zooming around and playing with her male friends here at the centre. She is SO playful! She is very affectiionate when she is bonded with you and loves climbing on your lap for cuddles and kisses.

Due to her only being used to a kennel environment she will find settling into a new home and new situations quite overwhelming at first. She will need some further training when teaching her day to day commands and when out on walks, as she tends to bark at people and dogs she doesnt know. So please bare this in mind inintally when getting her used to different environments.

We are looking for experienced Lurcher owners who have had lurchers before. She is a very shy/timid girl when it comes meeting new people so she will require a few meets to the centre for her to be comfortable enough around you before taking her home. So new owners will need to live relatively close to the centre and be committed to coming frequently enough for multiple meets.

She is to be an adult only household due to her shy nature and her not being used to being around children. She will require a large garden for her to run around in. Also for her to have access to an enclosed exercise paddock for her to let off some steam and do lots of zoomies! We are looking for her to be rehomed with a neutered MALE dog, as she loves the company/playing with other dogs and we feel this will help her with her confidence in a new home environment.

If you have room in your life for a Cheeky, Loving, Sassy and Playful Lurcher that your male dog would love to play with, then please consider Sarah.

The Adoption Fee for this Animal is #200.

If you are interested in our Beautiful Sarah, Please fill in the form on the Block Fen RSPCA Rehoming Centre website: Online Application Form.

Want to Adopt Sarah?

If you would like to give Sarah a new home, please contact the rescue on 0300 123 0726 and ask for .