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About Me

Meet our Stunning Vixen! She was born here at the centre and after nearly a year with us due to being part of a big welfare case. We can finally say that she is now ready to find her forever home.

Vixen is a sweet natured and loving girl. She loves nothing more than to try and squeeze herself on your lap for a cuddle and kisses and would absolutely love a sofa to stretch out on. She is very clever when it comes to treat hunting and trick training. She knows Sit, Down, Paw and Wait. She walks to heel on lead and is very food orientated and really wants to please you! Due to Vixen being born here at the centre all she has known is a kennel environment, so will find new surroundings/environments quite overwhelming! So please bare this in mind when transitioning her into a home environment. Since being here with us Vixen has taken a trip into March town centre for us to see how she coped with being exposed to a normal pedestrianised environment. She was very good, walked well on lead beside the road and took everything in her stride!

Vixen loves the company of people, but does pick and choose which dogs she likes to socialise with. She does prefer the company of male dogs over female on a walk. But is very intense when playing with dogs off lead. She would really benefit from going to training/socialisation classes as mental stimulation for her is just as tiring as her having a walk or run. She loves to learn new things.

We are looking for experienced Lurcher owners who know the traits of the breed and that will enjoy doing further training with her. She is to be an adult only household due to her not being used to being around children. She will require a large garden for her to run around in. Also for her to have access to an enclosed exercise paddock for her to let off some steam and do lots of zoomies! You will LOVE to watch her RUN!

The Adoption Fee for this Animal is #200

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If you would like to give Vixen a new home, please contact the rescue on 0300 123 0726 and ask for .