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Can you give Dancer a new home


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About Me

Meet our Beautiful Dancer! She was born here at the centre and after nearly a year with us due to being part of a big welfare case. We can finally say that she is now ready to find her forever home.

Dancer enjoys her training sessions as well as some downtime with her toys and loves finding a football to carry with her while she has a good run in an large enclosed area. However she will need monitoring initiallly with toys as she has shown that she likes to pick them apart and eat them when left unattended in her kennel.

One of her brightest sides she's shown since being here for so long is how comforting she is to a new nervous next door neighbour. She is a very empathetic dog and is sure to give you a big hug on your not so good days.

Dancer can have quite intense play with other dogs off lead but is often our go to to trial new dogs and what their socialisation skills are like as she is much more well mannered on lead and doesn't get offended by much.

We are looking for experienced Lurcher owners who know the traits of the breed and that will enjoy doing further training with her as she has never lived in a home before. She is to be an adult only household due to her not being used to being around children. She will require a large garden for her to run around in. Also for her to have access to an enclosed exercise paddock for her to let off some steam and do lots of zoomies! You will LOVE to watch her RUN!

The Adoption Fee for this Animal is #200.

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If you would like to give Dancer a new home, please contact the rescue on 0300 123 0726 and ask for .