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would like a new home

Can you give Epi a new home


Rescue Information

About Me

We introduce to you a very dear boy to our hearts… Epi.
Date of Birth April 2021

Epi had a family who abandoned him as soon as they knew about his illness (he is epileptic). He was given to Fundacion Benjamin Mehnert. Due to a shelter environment he had a couple of crises and since then the other dogs didn’t accept him and he often suffered attacks that sometimes resulted in serious bites…

Thankfully, a lovely family in Seville took him in to foster until a more permanent home could be found. We saw his story and were immediately compelled to help.

With monitoring and medication and a calm environment Epi for the most part, lives a completely normal life. But he needs a family who will be able to fully commit to him and the cluster seizures he can experience.

We have such gratitude to our lovely foster family here in the UK, experienced with epileptic dogs, who are now caring for this sweet angel. He is one of the most loveliest boys and so loving.

Want to Adopt Epi?

If you would like to give Epi a new home, please contact the rescue on and ask for