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would like a new home

Can you give Wilson a new home


Rescue Information

About Me

Wilson is a gentle, happy character who loves being with people. He is looking for experienced owners to help him settle into a home environment, and to work on and manage how he greets other dogs when out on walks.

Wilson gets very anxious being left alone and needs owners who are at home to keep him company - he will need to learn to spend short periods of time alone but this may take time to achieve and owners will need to be patient with him and be able to manage this.

He is not always comfortable around other dogs and generally likes to keep to himself. He has shown some playful behaviours with some dogs but has been intolerant with others and is very clear when he's not enjoying greeting another dog. He'll enjoy walks in quieter places where there are not too many other dogs around. Wilson needs to be kept on lead and wear a muzzle when he is on walks but he is quite comfortable with this, and it does mean he will need his own garden to run around in. Wilson walks calmly on lead and mostly just enjoys pottering along sniffing, he is not a dog that will need hours of exercise and he would be quite happy with a short walk and opportunities to mooch around his garden.

Wilson loves food and treats are a good way to carry on his training. He has now been very playful with toys, but he does like to build up a collection of toys in his bed.

Wilson has made great progress whilst in our care, and now needs a home to continue this training and help him progress even further.

If you are interested in Wilson, please email or call 01784 494443. If you have not registered yet, please do so on the Battersea website before getting in touch. Thank you.

Want to Adopt Wilson?

If you would like to give Wilson a new home, please contact the rescue on 020 7622 3626 - London, 01784 432929 - Old Windsor, 01474 874994 - Brands Hatch and ask for .