URGENT APPEAL - Northern Greyhound Rescue  has been involved with a large racing kennel for the last week due to a significant welfare issue there.  This has resulted in a sudden and very large intake of dogs.  Currently the rescue has moved 30 greyhounds into temporary kenneling.  If we can secure anymore the number will increase. it is a small charity and for it to have so many at once on top of the dogs already in their care, it's a huge strain on their finances.The dogs need kenneling, food and veterinary care, some have injuries which need treating. The rescue would be grateful for any help at the moment, financially and from other rescues who may be able to take some dogs or a dog.   If you can help in any way, please ring Amanda on 01253 891589 or 07888726885 or 07950000904, or e-mail contact@northerngreyhoundrescue.org.uk


CARTER - Poor greyhound Carter has spent all his life stuck in kennels and has never been given the chance to have a home and someone to love him. Now that he has come into the rescue we are hoping that someone will give him the home he needs so much. Carter is a really lovely, gentle boy and he would dearly love to have someone special in his life. He is very depressed and very lonely, especially now that all the 7 and 8 year old greyhounds that came into the rescue with him have found homes. PLEASE think about giving Carter the chance to be loved and to have a home of his own, instead of being so alone. and unhappy. If you would like to offer a new home for Carter, please contact Julie at Essex Greyhound  Rescue on 0796 7327544 

LUCKY and PENNY.12 years old whippet mixes possibly Collie. Lucky & Penny have come into our care, local dogs in Gloucestershire had been with their family since babies. Unfortunately when we visited to get initial assessment it was very apparent that had not been getting the appropriate care. Both girls had terribly long nails, underweight, Lucky in particular had not been treated for fleas, she had suffered hair lost and her skin has obviously been bothering her for a long time and she could not stop scratching herself raw she was also very under weight and weak, both girls teeth were in a terrible mess too. They were both put on a high quality food mixed with chicken, vegetables etc, had medicated baths and were treated for their flea infestation, nails clipped and have dental booked in. Very quickly they have put on weight, their fur is shining, Lucky still has a bit to go weight wise but she looks like a different dog to the one that first arrived.  If you think you can offer these special girls their forever home please email starfishdogrescue@hotmail.co.uk for a questionnaire. 

Full details, photos and videos of Carter, Lucky and Penny on the "adopt a dog" page.


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