Hi everyone, my name is Sheikh. I am 10 years old, around 29 inches to the shoulder and most definitely a stunning Greyhound boy!  I have had to come into rescue after my elderly human Mummy very sadly passed away. I may be 10 years old but I am a very switched on lad and there is still loads of life in me yet !!! I have had OAP bloods which came back normal, I have also had some X Rays done on my back, hips and legs which also came back normal with NO SIGNS OF ARTHRITIS!  Can you find a tiny bit of space in your heart for an orphaned golden oldie with a huge zest for life?  Photo and full details on the "adopt a dog" page.

Beautiful tan lurcher Guy is now around 21 months old and was found straying last year during guy Fawkes week last year with damage to his pelvis and legs he has had operations and although will never fully recover is living a normal life. He will need a home with older less boisterous dogs as he enjoys playtime and someone that is around a lot. UPDATE 5 November 2015. Guy has been in rescue for a whole year and would so love to have a home by Christmas.  Photo and full details on the "adopt a dog " page.

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