Dudley is a very healthy 11 year old lurcher boy who is quite bewildered at the moment as his Mum has sadly passed away leaving Dudley homeless and orphaned.  He's only ever had that one home with his Mum from being a pup so to say his life has turned upside down would be an understatement. He's generally good with other dogs but can be a bit overwhelmed by bouncy dogs in his face and he CANNOT live with cats or small furries. We'd rather he didn't live with small children as he has no previous experience of them and we'd like him to have a relaxed, calm home where he can settle and feel safe and happy. He's a super chap and once he trusts you is very loyal and affectionate and does love to have his ears ruffled and his bum scratched whilst he has a good lean. Oldies really are goodies - can you give Dudley the sofa he deserves? If you would like to offer Dudley a home, please complete the adoption enquiry form that is with his photo and details at  Photo on the adopt a dog page.

Jeff is one of those unlucky dogs who keeps getting overlooked at the kennels by people who go there to look for a dog to give a home to.  Cuddly lurcher Jeff was a stray so his past is a mystery. He loves to play with toys and will carry them about but if you're looking to play fetch with him, forget it! He's more likely to run away with them than bring them back. He loves to have cuddles and he enjoys making canine pals.  He is at the Dogs Trust in Merseyside.  Photo and more details on the adopt a dog page.


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