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Blitz is a really sweet and gentle dog who is used to living in a home, and is a little bit depressed at having moved into the kennels, so is hoping to find a new home very soon. 
Although she’s 10 years old, this little girl is in fantastic condition and appears much younger than she is – perhaps because she’s taken such good care of herself: she has kept her jet-black coat free of grey hair, is very fit and has excellent teeth! She also has the most adorable pointy ears. 
She enjoys gentle fuss and affection, although she can be a bit nervous of new people and is best suited to adults and teenage children. Once she gets to know you, Blitz is a pleasure to walk on the lead, and is always keen to head out. 
This darling lass has lived with another dog in the past, but is very much her own woman, and could happily fit into a home without a canine friend. When it comes to her humans, however, she would prefer them to be at home most of the time, as she gets anxious if left alone for too long. Due to her age, Blitz does have arthritis in one hip, and needs to wear a coat that fully covers her tail on chilly walks and an indoor fleece on cold winter nights. If you can give Blitz the warm, cozy, loving home she needs, as well as the pampering she deserves, get in touch today!

If you would like to offer a new home for Blitz, please contact Forever Hounds Trust on 03000 111 100 or e-mail Photo at 


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