I thought you might like to see some pictures of Barney getting settled in with us! We've had him now for just under two months and the difference in him is incredible!
He's been wonderful, very well behaved and very quick to learn and getting very calm and chilled out - and spoilt!

He's getting better with being left on his own, especially in Will's van so long as his bed is in there - we sneak up on the van to see what he's doing and it's usually sleeping or chewing his bone.. At home he is no longer vocal if I pop out for five minutes or so, but he does stare out the window until you return! But we're confident he'll get better and better as he settles and he's never destructive.

To begin with when he was put to bed he'd come through into the bedroom a few times a night just to check we were still there, and then put himself back to bed! Now, he sleeps through until he hears our alarm and then he's in our bed and under the duvet instantly!

We did have a bit of a cat incident (my parents cat), but the cat is on the mend and Barney seems (!) to understand he is not meant to chase them. Since then he has spotted a cat whilst off the lead, legged it towards it but stopped and came back to us when we shouted for him, which was impressive.
He's great with everyone he's met, outside and when they come into our house - he sometimes growls as they open the gate but as soon as they open the front door he goes to say hello with a wag.

We'll be taking him to dog classes in the next few weeks as he can be a bit boisterous playing with other dogs and getting himself over excited - he hasn't worked out how big he is yet! Hopefully classes will get him used to being around lots of dogs without it over-exciting him. He has met his match in Floyd another dog in the village (a rottie x), also a rescue, and they are both big, playful dogs so they tear around together. With us as well he can get a bit over the top whilst playing, very puppy like (just a huge one!) but he is getting better and better as he gets used to playing games.
He is slightly obsessed with his ball, the kong toy is the only one he hasn't managed to destroy, and he will do just about anything to get you to throw it! We've found a ball or stick to play with is more effective in training than treats, as he's not a food orientated boy really - unless we make liver treats! He's mastered, sit, lie down, stay, in your bed, where's your ball?, and wait (to go over stiles!).

Now we've had him for a while, we're fairly certain that he is a greyhound x pointer, and he has started 'pointing' when we're out walking, and people familiar with pointer breeds keep commenting on his likeness to them. Will has also started taking him out mountain biking, which Barney loves! He also loves the beach - something about the sand does something to him and he'll race round and round in circles, sometimes so quickly he loses grip with his back legs and falls over which is when he rolls around in it until he is completely coated in sand and then he starts all over again!