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Sex: Dog

Age: about 2 years

Breed: Lurcher

Date Added: 16/07/2018

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Name: Starfish Dog Rescue

Contact: Gillian




Sandy - Lab x lurcher girly of approx 2 years old being fostered in Devon in a family home with teenagers, 4 dogs and visiting young grand children.

This lovely girl I am afraid to say has just come back into our care after being homed last September the main reasons being the lady felt she could not love or bond with her like other members of her family could - the other reason being they had another dog a Beagle mix and her and Sandy would go off together and not respond to recall.

Sandy has gone back to original foster home where she was very loved and while in their care they have had no problems with her with her recall, probably because their dogs have good recalls and Sandy copies. Sandy being a lurcher mix and the other dog being Beagle mix probably not an ideal combination as they paired up both breeds being known for poor recalls, although they always came back eventually. Not uncommon with these mixes as people who own them know.

This is a video of Sandy in her original home with the dog she lived with the last 10 months.

Anyway lovely girl is back in our care and very loved as she was before, its like she has never been away she has slotted back into family life with no problems, her recall is spot on and she is just a generally nice dog with no funnies. She is young and can be a bit bouncy before her walk in the morning we are trying hard to find negatives here about her and not sure that is one really. She sleeps in a crate and is fine being left for a few hours. She travels well in the car and walks well on the lead, house trained. Mixes well with people and the other dogs, there are also very young grandchildren who stay over twice a week and she is fab with them. We have taken various videos of Sandy so you can see for yourself.

With her foster daddy

Other members of the family and grandchildren

Video of her on her walks and her recall

Playing with the other dogs in her foster home

So there you go everything we can show you and tell you about Sandy - we cannot get it wrong again for Sandy she was already let down as a puppy in Spain where she was thrown away like rubbish - the next home has to be her forever home she has done nothing wrong she is a very lovely dog. We think she needs to live with another dog as that is all she has been used to all her life and this time maybe with a calmer older dog or certainly a dog with a good recall so Sandy or another cannot influence each other.

Sandy is spayed, fully vaccinated and chipped. If you feel you could be the right home for Sandy please email us for our questionnaire in the first instance.

If you would like to give Sandy a new home, please contact the rescue on and ask for Gillian or send an email using the form if available.

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