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Name: Finn

Sex: Dog

Age:10 years

Breed: Lurcher

Date Added: 09/05/2018

Rescue Details for Finn

Name:Finding Furever Homes


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Please meet Finn. Sadly his owner is poorly and he’s in a foster home in Telford but they can’t keep him ongoing as he really needs a home where someone is around a lot.

Finn is around 10 years of age, he loves people/fuss and cuddles but can get a little excited/nervous and bark/lunge at other dogs if he gets spooked.

He is typically well behaved on walks but kept on lead as his recall isn’t 100%. He does love a safe zoom and loves playing with toys. As with a lot of sensitive hounds, he can sometimes have a sensitive tummy – this poor lad needs a calm, steady home with lots of love and reassurance, perhaps with an older more mature owner who enjoys being at home, dog walks and lots of sofa fusses. Finn is not happy being alone and will need someone who is at home a lot or can take him safely with them. He is sensitive soul and is looking for someone who can reassure and help build his confidence too. We will of course provide advice and ongoing support should you need it.

He is living with another dog and no issues at all, he’s mainly house trained but can have occasional accidents so someone around to offer outside access and work on this with him would be ideal. He does like to sleep in bedroom and enjoys close company but foster has trained him to sleep on landing and that’s no problem either.

He does need regular walks as has energy to burn off and currently has 2 x 30 min walks daily minimum -can you provide the safe, loving and reassuring home that this little chap needs please? Finn is a whippety sized Lurcher looking for a Fab Furever , currently in Shropshire

If you would like to offer a new home for Finn, please contact the rescue on and ask for Andrea or send them an email if available.

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