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Name: Diva

Sex: Bitch

Age:3 years

Breed: Greyhound

Date Added: 13/04/2018

Rescue Details for Diva

Name:Forever Hounds Trust


Email: Send an Email to this rescue

Website: Visit Website

Telephone: 03000 111 100



Our little Diva is a sensitive lass, who, far from demanding centre stage, would actually prefer life out of the limelight. She’s looking for a quiet home where she can get to know the big wide world in her own time, as she’s just come from racing kennels, and everything is new and strange to her. When handled gently, she’s loving and affectionate, and likes to bestow little kisses on her fans!
Three-year-old Diva would prefer not to live in the middle of a busy city, and would rather live with older, calm children. She could really blossom if she got to share a sofa with a more confident, relaxed dog. She loves her walks, and is happy to say polite hellos to canine and humans alike. This sweet, gentle girl has so much love to give, and just needs a chance to lavish it on her own special family. Could you be the one to give her that chance?

Lucky Diva is now in a foster home. This is what her foster carer has to say about her: “Diva is very comfortable inside the house, and is being very brave hence a bit of mischief, taking cushions and putting them in her bed along with slippers and the odd banana skin! She is more confident inside than out on her own. When she is with another dog, she is full of confidence and will walk anywhere with her companion.

“She spends a lot of time in her sanctuary upstairs but has this past week started to stay down stairs in the evening and snuggles on the couch with me – if there is any room left for me! Very quiet, sensitive and full of affection, it’s easy to read what she wants and what she doesn’t want.”

If you would like to offer a new home for Diva, please contact the rescue on 03000 111 100 and ask for or send them an email if available.

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