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Can you give Zippy a new home


Sex: Dog

Age: about 2 years

Breed: Lurcher

Date Added: 17/03/2018

Contact the Rescue

Name: Forever Hounds Trust



Telephone: 03000 111 100


Zippy is a delicate, playful Saluki Cross lurcher around 2 years old. He is active and bright but still loves home comforts and chilling out.

He has lived in a home before, and now sadly finds himself looking for a new one. He can live with or without another dog and would prefer to live with people around to help him settle in to his new environment. He can find new situations a bit daunting but with time and patience he adjusts well. Zippy is looking for owners who will enjoy taking him for walks in the countryside, playing with his favourite toys and continuing his training. He would enjoy living with children over the age of 6. He loves to play with the ball and will bring it back too!

Although Zippy loves to play with other dogs, he needs some support meeting new ones for the first time, so he would like a home where he can walk in quiet areas and owners who will be continue the work we have been doing with him. However once he has made friends with a dog, he loves nothing more than a good game, and is quite happy around them! He is really responsive to his training and will continue to make progress in the right environment. He so needs a place to call his own and is such a sweet gentle boy. He loves cuddling up on the sofa with you, so please if you have a space in your home and you think this lovely boy would fit in it, then do get in touch. To see Zippy in action go to

If you would like to give Zippy a new home, please contact the rescue on 03000 111 100 and ask for or send an email using the form if available.

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