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Name: Flo

Sex: Bitch

Age:2 years

Breed: Lurcher

Date Added: 13/02/2018

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Say hello to Flo – a most gorgeous 2 year old (small) saluki cross lurcher. Flo has been in foster recovering from surgery, and is now looking for her Furever sofa. Flo is such a lovely girl! She is excellent in the house, clean, calm and sweet tempered and loves to be with people.

Flo plays so beautifully with toys, either on her own or with a human and has really enjoyed the scentwork and puzzles that her foster Mum has set up for her – she’s a clever little girl and someone needs to be prepared to keep up with things like this with her.

She walks nicely on the lead and is good when meeting new dogs but is also a confident girl, sometimes feisty, and isn’t one to back down, especially if there is a treat on offer! She is learning to share in her foster home, but chances are Flo had to stand her ground to get a share of the food where she was, so again will need to keep this training up and practice these new habits – you’ll have the time and patience for her and not be put off by the effort she deserves.

Flo does love being with people and likes nothing more at the end of a day to lie on the settee and watch TV with you but now that she is fully mobile again we are starting to see her lively side and given the chance, she loves a good zoom! If you have had lurchers before you will understand the need for safe exercise places, managing a strong prey/chase drive and will have access to a good garden and outdoor spacs where she can run free.

Flo does have a strong chase/prey drive so would not suit a home with cats or other furries, so please make sure you have high fences and a secure garden if any of your neighbours have cats!

It would be nice if she could live with another hound in an experienced sighthound home, but ideally a male and perhaps a little older than Flo who won’t mind so much if she needs the limelight on occasions – she has been through so much, she deserves it!

She can live with children but only if those children are nice and know how to behave respectfully around dogs – Flo will need a lot of your time to begin with, so please do take that into account though before you apply – she has work to do still, including continuing to encourage her to use her leg fully again now it is completely fixed.

Florence has not been spayed yet as the priority at first was all the surgery on her leg, and then she came into season so will not be able to be spayed until April – FFH wil cover the cost of this if necessary.

Flo needs a loving caring home where she will continue to flourish after being left in agony with a broken hock by her previous “owner” – this little girl deserves the happiest Furever After in a home that will adore her as she deserves AND that can cater well for her breed traits and characteristics! Lurchers are not known for great recall although some are the exception to the rule, and they are often great at “serving themselves in the kitchen”, and that prey/chase drive can be troublesome if you happen to be in Happy Squirrel Valley – but once you have owned one, you can only have more ….

Florence is a lovely young girl, will need time, effort and experienced handling, but will be worth it in the long run – please make sure you can cater for her needs fully before applying. She is also near Stockport/Manchester at the moment so you will need to be prepared to visit her a couple of times in her foster home prior to adoption.

If you would like to offer a new home for Flo, please contact the rescue on and ask for Andrea or send them an email if available.

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