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Sex: Bitch

Age: 3-4 years

Breed: Whippet

Date Added: 07/05/2016

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Name: Greyhound Gap

Contact: Rose Marie

Website: www.greyhoundgap.org.uk/

Telephone: Rose Marie on 01256 771819 (9am - 9pm)


Polly is a whippet x girl not much bigger than a whippet who came into our care from the local pound.

Although Polly walks fine at the kennels with other dogs she really does not like them in her face so would be better suited to being an only dog. Apparently she was rehomed from the pound but bought back as she was very barky and unhappy when guests visited the house BUT was being allowed to run at them at the door when they arrived. This of course is completely wrong and she should have been put away and given her own space where she felt confident and then allowed to meet them once they were settled in.

Polly needs a little work on lead as she is obviously a worried dog and will pull to begin with to try and get away from you until she knows you. She has been on short journeys backwards and forwards from the kennels and has travelled fine and is clean in her kennel and the person returning her from the pound said that she was housetrained.

Polly's idea of a perfect home is somewhere without other animals and children with a quite couple who lead a nice life and take lots of walks. She would also benefit from training classes to help with her socialisation and confidence.

This little girl is so desperate to bond with someone and be loved but just doesnt like the hustle and bustle of a busy noisy lifestyle and would prefer when any new home did have visitors to have her own space away from them to avoid having to worry.

Polly is vaccinated, kc vaccinated, de flead, de wormed, microchipped and spayed.

Polly is currently in the kennels in Stoke on Trent. For more information or to offer Polly a home please complete the questionnaire below...


If you would like to give Polly a new home, please contact the rescue on Rose Marie on 01256 771819 (9am - 9pm) and ask for Rose Marie or send an email using the form if available.

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