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Can you give Pippin a new home


Sex: Dog

Age: 10 months

Breed: Lurcher

Date Added: 25/07/2015

Contact the Rescue

Name: Freshfields Animal Rescue


Website: www.freshfieldsrescue.org.uk

Telephone: 0151 - 931 - 1604


Pippin was from us as a young dog. He was found tied up and abandoned at midnight. This poor little baby was scared and bewildered. He soon found a loving home but has sadly been returned to us as it wasn't working between him and the other dogs. He is a typical adolescent dog that is finding his feet in the big wide world. He was pushing a few boundaries with the other dogs (just like a teenager would) and a game playing with his doggy companions would often turn too rough and was scaring the other dogs he lived with. Based on the description of his behaviour with other dogs in the home, we feel he would benefit from being the only pet. He is fine with most dogs on walks and if another dog tells him off for being too rough he does seem to listen! Like many lurchers, he does have an urge to chase, so care needs to be taken on walks. Pippin is very friendly, he can be timid when he first meets someone, but in no time at all he is confident and happy, a typical young bouncy boy! Pippin is still young so will need someone around for most of the day. He has never lived with children but is used to visiting children around 10 years old and is good. Pippin is a dear, sweet boy and will make a wonderful friend.

If you would like to give Pippin a new home, please contact the rescue on 0151 - 931 - 1604 and ask for or send an email using the form if available.

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