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Can you give Buttons a new home


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RESERVED As cute as a button! And boy does she live up to this! We have the pleasure of introducing you to Buttons, a stunning 1 year old female lurcher who is sure to melt some hearts. Buttons came into our care as a stray, so her past is unknown to us, but what we have learnt is she is an absolute sweetheart and all her carers have fallen head over heels.

Buttons has a loving and compassionate nature, which can be felt by everyone that gets to know her. She wants to be close to you, preferably leaning in while you give her all the strokes and scratches, she deserves. Because of the unconditional love she shows to the people around her, we think that she could live alongside younger children ages 5 and over.

Being younger, this loveable lady has still got that youthful puppy side to her. We can see that she would love a good run around our secure paddocks and to do some zoomies with her K9 friends. Unfortunately, due to an ongoing veterinary issue with one of her back legs, we are having to keep her onlead for the time being. This is something the team at Lincoln Farm would be more than happy to talk you through.

We haven’t been able to introduce Buttons to dogs off lead yet, however she’s been very happy walking around the paddocks with her friends. Therefore, we think she would be able to live with a calmer dog in her new home.

When walking her onlead around our field we have spotted the odd rabbit and bird, which Buttons seems very interested in. Due to a strong prey drive we are looking for a home without cats or smaller animals. Regular trips to secure paddocks and fields would definitely be of benefit to her in the future, allowing her to explore her environment independently.

If you are interested in adopting this loveable lass, please do contact our Lincoln Farm team for more information. Due to her ongoing veterinary needs, we are also offering a fostering opportunity while she gets the veterinary care she requires.
You can find me in Dorset
Tel: 0330 400 6670 Email:

Want to Adopt Buttons?

If you would like to give Buttons a new home, please contact the rescue on 0330 400 6670 and ask for