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would like a new home

Can you give Canela a new home


Rescue Information

About Me

We introduce to you this beautiful Galga ‘Canela,’ who was rescued by our great friends at Galgos en Familia.

Canela is just over 3 years old and has come a long way from when she arrived at the sanctuary.

She had a badly wounded tail which unfortunately required amputation but her tail is still so long! She recovered very well.

Canela is a very loving girl, with a cheerful spirit – she loves belly rubs and goofing about.

She will need someone at home all the time to begin with as she struggles with anxiety at being left, and needs to feel more secure with shorter absences, so she knows she is not going to be abandoned again.

Want to Adopt Canela?

If you would like to give Canela a new home, please contact the rescue on and ask for