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would like a new home

Can you give Lara a new home


Breed: Greyhound
Age: 4 years
Sex: Bitch
Date Added: 04/06/2022

Rescue Information

Rescue: Northern Greyhound Rescue
Contact: Amanda Gething
Telephone: 01253 891589 or 07888726885

About Me

Four year old Miss Lara Greyhound has been with us 14months looking for her forever home . She is the most affectionate little hound but the fact she is keen is deterring people from giving her a chance . In the home she is no problem at all and her walking out behaviour has improved considerably since she has been in her foster home .
I think sometimes we all need to look past the negatives and appreciate these are living, breathing souls each with individual personalities . There’s no such thing as perfect unless it’s a stuffed toy and Lara just needs a chance and she will be the most loyal and loving little hound for someone . Lara has seen dozens of hounds come and go over the last year , including the other six hounds she arrived with. She sits waiting and waiting patiently for her turn , she’s only doing what she was trained to do as a racing dog and she just needs someone who will be committed to her for the sweet , affectionate little hound she is . Her fosterers have written the following about her.

Lara (aka LaLa / Lady La) is a very sweet and affectionate girl. She is very friendly and always happy to see you, whether that’s first thing in the morning or when we come home. She's always there to greet us with a very waggy tail and a big greyhound smile, which is the funniest and cutest thing we've ever seen. She's adapted to home life very quickly; she's loves a fuss and plenty of chin scratches, but settles in her bed quietly with no fuss. She's made huge progress since we picked her up in January, we have almost no accidents in the house these days, and any we've had recently have been our fault for not letting her outside quickly enough. Her beautiful black coat is also so shiny and sleek! She had a thick, greyish kennel coat when she arrived, but has since shedded this and is now slinking around the house looking like a very docile, affectionate and beautiful sleek panther!

She has been living with a 4 year old male Saluki who can be quite boisterous at times. Lara is unfazed by his giddiness and will happily ignore him and suit herself on the sofa or her bed; unless of course fusses are available and then she'll do her very best to wriggle herself to the front of the queue! We think that Lara would be suitable as either a single dog, or with another male greyhound, preferably a real coach potato!

Lara is generally very good when she's out and about on her walks. She has a high prey drive and is very interested in squirrels and cats, so vigilance is needed when taking her out. However she has gotten much better at not fixating on them, and disengaging recently. She was quite reactive with other dogs at first, often barking and doing her funny greyhound scream, even from a distance. She is much more manageable now and whilst she still doesn't quite know how to greet other dogs on her walks she is much less vocal, and generally walks past without much fuss. Small, fluffy dogs are still somewhat of a temptation to her though! All of this means she will likely need to be kept on lead during walks, we're not confident in her recall currently. However, despite this we don't find walking her stressful, and she's mostly a lovely, calm girl to walk.

Lara is absolutely ready for her forever home and we can't wait for you to meet her.

If you can offer Lara a forever home , please do messsge us .

Want to Adopt Lara?

If you would like to give Lara a new home, please contact the rescue on 01253 891589 or 07888726885 and ask for Amanda Gething or send an email using the form if available.

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