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would like a new home

Can you give Samson a new home


Breed: Lurcher
Age: about 2 years
Sex: Dog
Date Added: 12/10/2021

Rescue Information

Rescue: Lurcher SOS
Contact: Laurie

About Me

Please welcome Samson, a lovely Lurcher boy, who has arrived from a hard life in Ireland before a lovely rescue saved him and sent him across the water to us.

Samson is about 2 years old. He is a calm and gentle boy. He has met all the dogs in his foster home and is just fine with them.

Samson is clean and sleeps quietly through the night. So far we cant fault this lovely boy. Samson is fully vaccinated, neutered microdhipped and treated for fleas and worms, as are all Lurcher SOS dogs. He is ready for his forever home now.

Foster Mom update:

Samson has only been our house guest since Sunday but he is proving to be a very lovely, respectful lad.

This boy just wants to be loved . When standing or sitting you are likely to get a ‘Samson nuzzle’. He is interested in our food and the kitchen sides but so far there has been no counter surfing.

He has not shown an ounce of aggression to the point that we left the the doors open between the rooms that him and Gem had their dinner last night. He finished his first and then stood patiently so they then did bowl swap just to double check that each other hadn’t left a small morsel!

We also allowed them both to have antlers which they chewed on happily alongside each other. It took 24 hours for Samson to go onto the sofa but now he has discovered sofas he is quick to jump up and get cosy.

We went for a walk yesterday and he walks very well on the lead. We met lots of other dogs, all different types and he was not the slightest bit interested, even the yappy cockerpoo was ignored! Squirrels are a different interest! Our local park has a lot of squirrels, this is when Samson puts his brakes on and stands still until said squirrel is out of sight! He also showed some interest in the local tormenting tabby cat yesterday so I wouldn’t have said a cat home would be ideal.

I had to leave them for 15 minutes twice yesterday, they had a small treat on my departure and another on my arrival back and I came home to 2 waggy tails.

He has been sleeping downstairs because he can’t seem to navigate the stairs. We’ve tried sausage and chicken incentives but without any success so far. I’m wondering if over time he will get brave and give it a go but even with Gem darting up and down he doesn’t appear to be tempted to trot up at the moment.

Still early days but this boy is really adorable, and appears to just want ear scratches and love.

This lovely boy is in foster in Hampshire.

Want to Adopt Samson?

If you would like to give Samson a new home, please contact the rescue on and ask for Laurie or send an email using the form if available.

Contact Form

We are sorry but we do not have an email address to contact this rescue.