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would like a new home

Can you give Nina a new home


Breed: Lurcher
Age: adult
Sex: Bitch
Date Added: 12/07/2021

Rescue Information

Rescue: Starfish Dog Rescue
Contact: Gillian

About Me

Nina - Pointer x lurcher bitch being fostered in Gloucestershire in family home with children, other dogs and a cat.

Lovely Nina was homed through Starfish 2 1/2 years ago unfortunately due to ill health Nina has come back into our care.

Nina was previously in Spain - found as a stray by an elderly couple they gave up on her after she got too big and bouncy for them and put her in kennels and there she stayed until I saw literally bouncing of the walls in this kennels, we decided to take her out for an afternoon to see how she was out and about this is an old video of her in Spain.

As you can see always a friendly girly but bouncy due to the lack of never been shown. but always friendly.

She was first fostered here in UK before joining her forever home, we addressed the training she needed i.e. basics like walking on the lead, learning about not leaping over everyone etc, I remember she was hard work to begin with but responded so well so really upset this has happended - she did even then though have to sleep in her bed in our bedroom as she hated sleeping on her own due to probably spending so long in a kennels. But she learnt to be left in the day in our utility room - I remember she responded so well to training and was a lovely dog albeit a bit bouncy at times.

The home she went to was experienced but unfortunately its quite plain to see they did commit to training Nina needed including her anxious behaviour about being left etc.

She has been in her foster home for two weeks now and I have copied below what her foster family has said about her.

Nina is a very sweet dog who I have now fostered for 2 weeks. She is extremely gentle with children and really craves a belly rub and to be close to the family. She is comfortable in the presence of dogs of all sizes and I have had no issues at all with her socialising with my rescue 1.5 kg Chihuahua and Spanish street dog. I have taken her to work where again she has mixed with lots of other dogs of all breeds and sizes. Her previous owner did use a dog walker on a regular basis and I think this has helped her gain confidence.

She has met our cat a few times but only when he has been sleeping on a chair. She hasn't tried to chase him but did pant and circle the room as if confused by his presence. He is very relaxed and didn't try to run or jump.

She has behaved extremely well on walks and generally likes to stay very close. As she was most likely bred for hunting, she does however like to chase rabbits and squirrels but rapidly returns to find you. I certainly wouldn't trust her with pet chickens and ducks as she has shown a keen interest in them.

I have taken her on a couple of 8 mile runs off the lead through fields, woods and along roads (obviously on a lead for these stages).

There are a few situations where she is uncomfortable and has developed a habit of barking and running. Due to her size this would be perceived as very unpleasant by those not used to dogs. These include;
becoming increasing nervous of bicycles. She has attempted on a few occasions to nip as they go past her whilst she is trying to run past them. I have experienced this once. The second time I made her sit and gave her reassurance as the mountain bike passed. On that occasion her instinct was to run away from the bike as quickly as possible.

She isn't sure of groups of men. We are having building work done currently and she did run around the builders barking ( NOT attempting to bite). We also entertained recently and she ran up to a couple of men barking. Once they greeted her and she felt reassured that they were supposed to be there she wanted to be stroked.

She is frightened of horses. We have met a few in our field and going past in the car when she barked incessantly through the car window.

According to her previous owner she has in the last 6 months started to bark aggressively whilst in the car if passing people walking dogs, riding bikes etc
When excited (first thing in the morning, returning to the house or when she sees her lead being picked up) she does get overly excited and jumps a good meter in the air with her paws out. In a smaller dog this probably would not be so much of a problem but as she is 30 kg and has sharp claws, she is capable of inadvertently scratching.

If the family are at home, she does like to be with everyone and hasn't liked being segregated in the house. Our incontinent Chihuahua and other rescue are not allowed upstairs or on the carpet in the lounge.

Chilling at home

Nina was previously used to sleeping on the owner's bed hence she is perfectly capable of jumping a baby gate to achieve this!

Nina would suit a home close to the countryside and needs a lot of exercise. It goes without saying she needs training and socialisation so that her fear of bikes, horses etc can be addressed. Then walking her off the lead will become more enjoyable and relaxing.

She started diet 2 weeks ago and her target weight is about 26/27 kg.

So that is Nina's story - not the straightest forward of dogs but not the worse either - but she is not for the inexperienced -

She is very loving and wants to be loved so much

She is a high energy active dog who needs an equally active owner - someone who can give her what she needs in terms of training, exercise, the right environment and consistence - it's not fair really that this dog has now lost two homes both in nutshell I feel because they did not want to put in the work with her - If you can get her channelled properly then she would be perfect for agility, flyball and would adore Cani- Cross.

She loves her walks but will hunt - she comes back but this is to be beared in mind depending where in the countryside you live. She would need to sleep with you and can be left but you need a safe place you can leave her she is not going to suit hours on her own.

Out walking


I hope someone will see this and offer Nina what she needs someone who does not mind putting the work and expectations are not high of a dog in the beginning - it looks like twice in her life she did not get the home that met her needs or put much input into her so it's so important we get it right this time. She is anxious and worried about being left, not being with you etc so someone who has worked with a dog like this would be perfect.

Nina has been spayed, vaccinated etc - if you feel you could be the right match for her please email us for our questionnaire in the first instance at

Want to Adopt Nina?

If you would like to give Nina a new home, please contact the rescue on and ask for Gillian or send an email using the form if available.

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