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would like a new home

Can you give Pedro a new home


Breed: Greyhound
Age: 12 months
Sex: Dog
Date Added: 03/01/2021

Rescue Information

Rescue: Starfish Dog Rescue
Contact: Gillian

About Me

Pedro - 12-month-old Galgo (Greyhound) boy being fostered in a family home Tavistock in Devon with 4 other dogs and a teenager.

Pedro has just turned one, it was rehomed this summer to a couple who have recently returned him to our care because of not being able to walk him.

They struggled with his strength and also when off the lead he would rush up to people to say hello and had nearly knocked a few people over being too friendly and was similar with dogs again over friendly and playful.

He has been back in our care with an experienced foster home, he did take a few days to settle, very over exuberant with the other dogs, his manners were not the best around food and when put in his crate or told to do something he was like a naughty teenager throwing his quilt around and whinging we thought about changing his name to Kevin !!!

Counter surfacing

Ignoring food

We have changed his diet, long walks with the help of a figure of eight lead he walks perfect as you will see from the videos, he is playing much nicer with the other dogs, he is very chilled by the evening in fact so much so he takes himself to bed at 7.30pm and its hard to get him to go out for last wee.
He is travelling much better in the car, completely house trained and he now has table manners.

Taking himself to bed

Chilling at night with his foster Dad

Pedro is still very much a puppy in his behaviour, he loves to steal things especially counter surfacing which I think Sighthounds are famous for, he can be a bit of a pest with the dogs wanting them to play with him, the ones that tell him off he does listen and stays away from.

Outside he has been amazing walking round the local town with everything going on, he was a bit nervous to begin with of the cars etc but this has improved every time.

He has met horses and not batted an eye, up on the Moors he has not been let off yet - there are too many people around , sheep etc and we feel it's too much of a temptation for him.

We are hoping this week it will be quieter so he can be let off safely as his foster carers feels as long as no distractions around, he will stay playing with his foster home's dogs.

Walking around the town

Over the Moors

Pedro has a very lovely friendly nature - he is big even for a Greyhound and is still very bouncy and because of this will not be suited to a home with primary age children.

Other dogs he is great with but again if you have a dog that will not tell him off, he will continue to pester to play.

His foster home has noticed when the other dogs are not around, he is much more chilled and relaxed.

Playing with his favourite foster sister

We have to get it right for this lovely boy, his siblings have all been successfully rehomed and are doing really well and its very unfortunate it did not work out for Pedro.

He is not a first-time dog owners' dog and needs to be with people who understand Sighthounds, he has been loved and is very friendly with everyone but he can be very demanding and a handful at times wanting attention, learning the word no and knowing it was meant has taken some time to get through to him lol but he is learning fast with both people and the other dogs and is a bit of a character bless him - he would suit an active home with stuff going on for him he would probably enjoy a family home with teenagers or a younger active couple.

He is not going to suit someone who thinks because he is a Greyhound, he will sleep all day this is not Pedro, he could go with other dogs as long as they are able to tell him when they have had enough otherwise, he will keep on. He is a proper little Teenager but very loveable - his foster home is putting a lot of work into him and guiding him through how to be a well-behaved boy as you can see from the videos.

We have not tested him with cats but I think even if we could he would be a pest with them so we would say no.

Please do not waste our time and yours, if you read everything we have put, what he needs for the perfect match we will not be taking any chances on another potential home fail for him.

Pedro is vaccinated, neutered and chipped. If you feel you could be the right home for him, please email us

Want to Adopt Pedro?

If you would like to give Pedro a new home, please contact the rescue on and ask for Gillian or send an email using the form if available.

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