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would like a new home

Can you give Yogi a new home


Breed: Greyhound
Age: 4 years
Sex: Dog
Date Added: 14/03/2020

Rescue Information

Rescue: Forever Hounds Trust
Telephone: 03000 125 125 Monday to Friday, between 9am and 4pm

About Me

If you have aspirations to enter dog show classes for the largest greyhound, Yogi’s your boy, as he has a very good chance of winning a rosette or two! Despite his size, this four-year-old fawn boy is actually a gentle giant, who turns regularly heads with his stunning, athletic physique.

He’s very affectionate, but is finding new experiences a little bit worrisome so he thrives on cuddles and praise to reassure him. This also means he would like a quietish home where he would not be left alone for too long, so he can kick back and relax with his very favourite thing – his humans. A country location would suit him down to the ground, as he would have lots of space to explore and won’t have to travel much, which isn’t his favourite thing (and lifting a large greyhound like Yogi into a car is no mean feat, believe us!).

While he could live as an only dog, he would probably benefit from the company of another sighthound, or large dog like him. Yogi has been polite and friendly with all the dogs he’s met since being with us, but unlike his namesake Yogi Bear, small friends are still a bit new to him, so caution would be needed around little four legged pals until Yogi has learned that dogs come in all sizes.

Yogi can be quite a clown, and often makes the volunteers laugh with his funny antics, so if you want to have a permanent smile on your face, Yogi’s the one for you! He has a big heart to match his large physique, and really will make a fabulous companion for some lucky person.

So, if you have a LOT of room on your sofa, and a Yogi-shaped place in your heart, please do get in touch.

Want to Adopt Yogi?

If you would like to give Yogi a new home, please contact the rescue on 03000 125 125 Monday to Friday, between 9am and 4pm and ask for or send an email using the form if available.

Contact Form

Please use the form to send a message directly to the rescue.