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would like a new home

Can you give Skye a new home


Breed: Lurcher
Age: 2 years
Sex: Bitch
Date Added: 29/02/2020

Rescue Information

Rescue: Greyhound Gap
Contact: Rose Marie
Telephone: Rose Marie on 01256 771819 (9am - 9pm)

About Me

Crossbreed Skye is amazing and a firm favourite at the kennels here with both staff and walkers. She landed with us as a bit of a fluke when we were called by a pound to ask us to take a saluki x that showed major fear aggression. On arriving we found out that Skye herself had landed with the dog as they had been a family unit. Both dogs were terrified, scared of people especially men and neither were happy with a lead. We could not take one and leave the other to face their fate its just not us as a rescue. Sadly Skye is actually bullied quite badly by Storm so we have after lots of consideration taken the decision that individual rehoming would be best.

Skye is an epic dog. I honestly can not say a bad word about her. At 2 years of age she has an immense desire to learn and to please you. She is intelligent, loving and obedient. So much so that when I exercise her here locally to the kennels I have her off lead with me and my other dogs. Something I have never deigned to say about any dog in our care here before. Her recall is exceptional. She wants to stick with you and shows no interest in running off to see other dogs out and about.

If Skye has one fault that anyone wishing to offer her a home needs to consider it is actually her loyalty. Her immense ability to bond could leave her prone to quite serious separation anxiety if a co dependency was created. Due to this Skye most definitely needs a home with other dogs in, kind dogs that are calm and will help her to settle and show her the lead. Working with us to bond her to other dogs in the home would be imperative and as this would be something that did need work we feel a home with someone around all of the time would be a must. A lovely family home with maybe one of the family unit not out to work, she adores everyone she meets now people wise and would be fine to live with calm dog savy children 6 years and upwards if they knew to give a dog space and not over indulge them. It would be so easy to do with this girl because she literally does adore you and everything about you.

Skye is still very puppy like in nature and we feel that the combination of environment and Storms over powering nature meant that she had to grow up quite quickly and learn to be sensible and self contained. We feel any new home would need to understand that the inner puppy in her may very probably arise. She needs mental aswell as physical stimulation and puzzle games, wobblers any form of enrichment she absolutely loves.

With a few months work this girl is going to be a heart dog, a dog of a lifetime, a faithful loyal hound that you can literally take anywhere and everywhere with you. She will be a dog who is so exceptionally bonded and obedient you will be proud to be seen out with. She is also absolutely stunning and only small with the most honest face and soulful eyes you could ever wish to see. We will miss her so much here at the kennels as she is our feel good dog our go to dog when we want to relax and just hang out with a dog that loves us as much as we love her but she is wasted here she deserve so much more.

Skye is vaccinated, kc vaccinated, de flead, de wormed, microchipped and has been spayed. She is currently in Stoke on Trent but can be rehomed nationally subject to a successful homevisit and all members of the immediate family and any resident dogs being willing to travel to meet with her.

For more information or to express an interest in this beautiful girl please in the first instance complete the pre adoption questionnaire below

Want to Adopt Skye?

If you would like to give Skye a new home, please contact the rescue on Rose Marie on 01256 771819 (9am - 9pm) and ask for Rose Marie or send an email using the form if available.

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