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would like a new home

Can you give Monty a new home


Breed: Greyhound
Age: 9 years
Sex: Dog
Date Added: 26/08/2019

Rescue Information

Rescue: Forever Hounds Trust
Telephone: 03000 111 100

About Me

We are very happy to finally be able to put the gorgeously quirky Monty up for adoption. Monty is one of the greyhounds that Forever Hounds Trust was involved in rescuing from the infamous Macau Canidrome.

If you have been following his blog on our facebook page you will be aware that this loveable boy does have a problem with his eyesight. We believe that Monty had no peripheral vision so he is looking for a home with plenty of space and where the furniture isn’t rearranged too often. His sight problem also means that things take him by surprise and for this reason he needs to be homed with older children. He would also benefit from living with another sighthound to help him navigate the world pending successful introductions.

Monty has to follow a special diet due to a problem he has with absorbing his food and he has also lost 27 of his teeth! This doesn’t slow him down though and he bounces out of kennels with excitement for his walks. He sings to us when we go into kennels to get him ready to go out and he loves a ride in the car.

Monty has had a very sheltered life and has not been socialised with dogs of other breeds and this combined with his eyesight means that he is a little confused by smaller breeds of dogs and so he will need to be handled carefully around smaller dogs especially as due to his vision he doesn’t see them coming.

Monty is a large male greyhound and will need a large sofa to accommodate him. Monty has his very own fan club through his blog and we are all in love with him at kennels. Monty is 9 years old but he doesn’t seem to realise it, he really enjoys his walks and has the most entertaining ears, they have to be seen to be believed.

Want to Adopt Monty?

If you would like to give Monty a new home, please contact the rescue on 03000 111 100 and ask for or send an email using the form if available.

Contact Form

Please use the form to send a message directly to the rescue.