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would like a new home

Can you give Chloe a new home


Breed: Lurcher
Age: around 2 years
Sex: Bitch
Date Added: 18/08/2019

Rescue Information

Rescue: Greyhound Gap
Contact: Rose Marie
Telephone: Rose Marie on 01256 771819 (9am - 9pm)

About Me

I can not get photos to do Chloe justice and I will try to take more. She has the most gentle, smiling face to go with her wonderful gentle nature.........

Chloe came to us around 2 months ago after being with another rescue for a year who just could not make the break through with her. She remained consistantly nervous and just terrified of everything and stayed shut down. After just 1 week in our care we saw her start to flourish and by week 3 her loving persona was already bursting through.

Chloe has a air of serenity about her. Whatever horrors she endured during her first year of life have made her wise beyond her years, but she is now not letting it hold her back. She is wonderful with everyone at the kennels a little shy at first but then happy to push herself forward for cuddles, she has been fabulous with all the children at the kennels but we feel dog sensible children 10 plus who will be willing to give her her space would be best suited. She is also brilliant with all the dogs both male and female. Out and about on walks if asked to walk nicley and corrected Chloe walks like a dream. If you are not concentrating she will try to pull a little but again once corrected complies. Chloes ideal home would be with another companion dog to play and cuddle with and to enjoy walks alongside. We feel Chloe would like somone around most of the time in the beginning to allow her to settle in but think once settled she would be fine to be left. Chloe travels beautifully and just settles down to sleep, in fact she is one of the most settled travellers I think I have seen. Although Chloe is in kennels currently she is a very clean little girl and we do not envisage any problems with house training.

Chloe can still be a little head shy at times although she is in no way intimidating, she politely bows her head to the side then offers you a kiss in a now please don't with a waggy tail. She is learning to trust though and is definetly understanding now that when you are doing something she is not necessarily comfortable with you do not mean her any harm. She is the most kissy little dog in the world and is starting to get a really cheeky playful side now she is relaxing. I do think that Chloe would benefit from training classes just to allow her confidence to continue to grow and for her to have the oppurtunity to meet many more new people and dogs.

With a little bit of time and TLC Chloe is going to be a *heart dog*. I love to see our dogs leave the kennels and find wonderful new homes BUT I can honestly admit in Chloes case that I am gutted at the thought of her leaving. Purely for selfish reasons because I love this little girl so much, she has shown such immense tenacity in breaking through whatever held her back quickly and quickly recognising she was in a good place and loved by good people. There is going to be so many more strings to this loving little girls bow and it will be an honour to see her continue to grow in character and continue flourishing.

Chloe is currently in kennels in Stoke on Trent but can be rehomed nationwide subject to a successful homevisit being carried out and family members and existing dogs being willing to travel to meet her.

Chloe is vaccinated, kc vaccinated, de flead, de wormed, microchipped and spayed

For more information or to offer Chloe a home please in the first instance complete the pre adoption questionnaire below

Want to Adopt Chloe?

If you would like to give Chloe a new home, please contact the rescue on Rose Marie on 01256 771819 (9am - 9pm) and ask for Rose Marie or send an email using the form if available.

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