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Harper and Hebe
would like a new home

Can you give Harper and Hebe a new home

Harper and Hebe

Breed: Greyhound
Age: 5 and 8 years
Sex: Bitch
Date Added: 24/06/2019

Rescue Information

Rescue: Northern Greyhound Rescue
Contact: Amanda Gething
Telephone: 01253 891589 or 07888726885

About Me

Two female Greyhounds need a home together either foster or adoptive homes within the next two weeks please. Their Mum has to go into hospital and recovery could take a long time . She is understandably devastated, she adores them both as is very evident from her write ups for both the dogs . Please share and share again , so these two girls can get settled into a loving home . The girls will have back up from the charity and homechecks will be done to ensure they go to the right home . The dogs can be fostered/adopted both locally and nationally .
All expenses food, vets, travel etc if need be will be covered whilst in foster and help with medical bills in the future for adoptive homes will be available if needed from the charity.
Details and photos of the girls as follows

HARPER (black girl)
DOB 02/06/2011
Shy when you first meet her but once you have her trust she is the most loving and loyal best friend. She will snuggle up to you on the sofa and tap you with her paw if you stop stroking her, however she also likes her own space. She absolutely loves her walks (short or long) toys and treats (especially Kong tennis balls, she loves the squeak and doesn't try and chew the squeak out) and food, she isn't very fussy. Sardines are a particular favourite and a kong filled with peanut butter. She doesn't like loud voices or shouting due to her gentle and calm nature. She spends her time between the sofa, her bed and the rug on the floor. She sleeps downstairs in the lounge at night and doesn't make a sound. The only time she barks is when the postman delivers the post. She walks beautifully on the lead and is great with other dogs, large and small. She isn't fond of them getting in her space though if they are excitable and dashing about her, but doesn't do anything nasty or aggressive. Does look about and shows some interest if something small ie a squirrel or a duck, is in front of her but tell her no and she carries on with the walk. Loves going for a paddle in the river or the sea.
Has been around my grandson since he was born, he is now four and she is nothing but calm, gentle and patient with him and all other children she meets. Is spotlessly clean in the house. Has lived with a cat and small dogs in the past. Travels well in the car. I truly cannot fault her, she is the perfect companion. Can be left alone with Hebe, they just go to sleep on the sofa with no problems.

HEBE (white and black girl)
DOB 02/11/2013
More confident than Harper, she will go to anybody for a fuss and some attention, she is very affectionate, fun loving and playful. Hebe loves her zoomies, cuddly toys, walks, treats and chew toys. If she wants your attention or a stroke she will get her nose under your arm and flick it up (I have spilt many drinks all over me due to this but it makes me laugh and she will then happily lick the drink up. She is partial to a coffee if you leave an unattended cup on the floor)
Always on the sofa, she is not a lover of her bed or the rug. Loves her food, sardines she adores and her Kong with peanut butter. No real interest in other dogs when out on a walk unless they come over and say hi first. Hebe loves life and everyone and everything in it. She is fab on the lead, isnt keen on getting her paws wet and will find her own way around puddles and wont anywhere near water for a paddle. Spotlessly clean in the house. Only barks playfully when having one of her mad zoomie moments. Sleeps downstairs at night on the sofa. Can be left with Harper. Patient, gentle and calm with children. Has lived with a cat and small dogs in the past. Travels well in the car. Does not like loud noises on walks (motorbikes, live music, but just looks to you for reassurance. Once again I cant fault her. She will be your best goofy friend.

Want to Adopt Harper and Hebe?

If you would like to give Harper and Hebe a new home, please contact the rescue on 01253 891589 or 07888726885 and ask for Amanda Gething or send an email using the form if available.

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