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would like a new home

Can you give Lacey a new home


Breed: Lurcher
Age: 1 year
Sex: Bitch
Date Added: 08/05/2019

Rescue Information

Rescue: Lurcher SOS
Contact: Cynthia

About Me

Lacey is a beautiful broken coated lurcher girl. She is young, no more than a year old and of very slender build. She is a very playful girl who has tons of love to give her people. She is house-trained and knows to go outside, assuming she gets regular opportunities! In a new house, she may initially struggle to settle at night but should improve. When with her foster family, she had a few nights where it took a few hours to settle for the evening, but after some days of practice, she settles after a very short period of protest (5-10mins max, mostly less). She walks fairly steady on the lead, but will pull in excitement and is definitely driven by her nose and interesting smells. Mostly, she goes into high alert when she catches sight of another dog depending on the dog, sometimes this seems like excitement to go check them out but she has also have reactive moments of barking/growling and lunging or jumping to try and get where she wants to go. We think she will need a house with another dog to help her overcome her separation fears and/or someone around all of the time, without a dog she would need someone present always. Beyond that, we also feel she would really flourish and benefit from the reassurance and companionship of another dog to occupy her and for her to learn from. She would love an active house, she’s young and curious and does tend to get bored, we have a lot of play time in the backyard and she really loves to interact with people and things. She also does a lot of zooming about when she’s got pent-up energy so I don’t doubt being with a family that can find ways to let her go for a run in a safe place would do wonders for her.

Want to Adopt Lacey?

If you would like to give Lacey a new home, please contact the rescue on and ask for Cynthia or send an email using the form if available.

Contact Form

Please use the form to send a message directly to the rescue.