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would like a new home

Can you give Teddy a new home


Breed: Lurcher
Age: about 2 years
Sex: Dog
Date Added: 06/03/2019

Rescue Information

Rescue: Forever Hounds Trust
Telephone: 03000 111 100

About Me

Are you looking for an adventure buddy? Then look no further, because Teddy is waiting to meet you!

Teddy is a handsome young lurcher, around two years old. He is super friendly with both people and other dogs, and he loves nothing more than getting out and about to visit new places. He could live with teenagers, and either with another playful dog or as an only pet. Teddy is an active, intelligent dog who loves learning new things. He is a big puppy who can be a little over-enthusiastic at times, but he has been learning some basic manners and is doing really well. He is affectionate and playful, and enjoys meeting new people. Since Teddy is a young and active dog he would prefer not to be left alone all day, but he should be fine on his own for short periods as long as this is introduced gradually.

Teddy often goes on day trips with our volunteers, and is a pleasure to spend the day with. He is so well behaved out and about, and he loves to soak up all the attention from his admiring public. He travels brilliantly in the car, and walks really well on lead (although when he gets excited, he is a strong boy and can pull). He would be the ideal companion for anyone who likes to go on dog-friendly holidays! Teddy would prefer to live with an active family, who enjoy plenty of walks and play sessions. Teddy is not suitable live with cats or other small animals.

Teddy has also been spending some weekends at home with our volunteers, as we’re unsure whether he’s ever had a loving family of his own before. After the initial excitement of being in a home, Teddy surprised us all with how quickly he relaxed. Other than a few accidents, he has been very clean inside, and has spent most of his time snoozing on the sofa. He has even been sleeping on his own overnight with no issues. Teddy is a confident dog in general, but he can be a little anxious in certain situations so will need understanding owners who will give him the time and support he needs to settle in to his new home.

Despite his winning personality, poor Teddy keeps getting overlooked by potential adopters simply because he is a bull lurcher. Bull breeds are often given an unfair reputation, but our Teddy is living proof that they are friendly, loving dogs who make wonderful pets. Please give Teddy a chance, you won’t regret it! RESERVED

Want to Adopt Teddy?

If you would like to give Teddy a new home, please contact the rescue on 03000 111 100 and ask for or send an email using the form if available.

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Please use the form to send a message directly to the rescue.